The A.H. Wood General Store was located on the corner of Front and Clark Streets. It was operated by Arthur and Lorena Wood.

The Holland Garage (also called the Elliott Garage) was owned and run by William and Arlington Elliott in the early 1920s.

The Community was shocked when it found out that Arlington had been shot and killed in the garage on January 7 or 8, 1924. James Gunn, foreman at the France Stone Company was running through a snow storm toward his truck, when Jack, the Airedale that Arlington owned, squeezed out between the doors of the garage and came running up to him. He patted him on the head and after getting into his truck started down the road. Jack came running after him and he finally stopped and told a neighbor, Mrs. Jacob Fritz, that the dog was acting funny. Mrs. Fritz ran over to the train depot where Leonard Snyder was just getting off work as a telegraph operator. As soon as the day operator came in, he hurried over to the garage where Jack now sat howling and on entering saw Arlington with a gunshot wound piercing his right temple. The perpetrators of the crime were later found and sentenced to life in prison, but one had his sentenced commuted in 1926 and the other was paroled in 1935.


Nationwide Grocery – Corner of Airport Highway and Albon Road – 1937

Operated by Arthur and Bernice Guy


Holland Coal Company


Vesey General Store, Railroad and Jefferson, Early 1950s – Albert Vesey in his store.


Lone Pine Lunch Counter, Front Street


The Pickle Factory


Sohio Station


The Stone Quarry in 1910


Rodebaugh Grocery Store – 1938