First Senior Class Trip of Holland High School

First Senior Class Trip of Holland High School

on May 16-18, 1932

remembered by Doris Newman Kujawa

mother of Dorye Helminiak


There were 26 in the graduating class, 11 girls and 13 boys that took that first trip in Charlie Naitzka’s “woody” schoolbus. The officers of the class were:

Harold Parker – President
Zelma Gibson – Secretary
Ross Albon – Treasurer

Mr. Whitman was Superintendent and Alice March was principal. Three chaperones went with the group.

Evelyn Dorcas’ family had an ice cream and sandwich shop on Chicago Pike (Airport Highway) called “Eveldon Grill” where Haddad’s Bar and Restaurant was. The class bought a ham and the Eveldon sliced it for us. We started out with the ham in a large dishpan, buns, catsup, mustard and a bushel of apples.

The first day we stopped along the road at noon and ate ham sandwiches sitting on the grass along a ditch bank. That evening we stopped at an inn – no reservations but they could put us up for the night. As they were not expecting such a large group we asked them to use the ham for our supper. They made scalloped potatoes and ham. Some ham was still left so they used it for our breakfast.

We went to St. Clairsville, Ohio, and crossed a bridge into Wheeling, W. Virginia – turned around and came back. We had made it into another state!!! We took the National Road west to Columbus where we stayed in a hotel. That evening we could see the city of Columbus or go to a show. On the trip home from Columbus we visited the Ohio Caverns.