2008 – The Chloe Lees Family

Chloe was born on August 10 or 16, 1793 in Sandisfield, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, the daughter of Stephen and Esther (Hollister) Sage who were from Connecticut. Their ancestor. David Sage, came to the colonies from Wales between 1638 and 1664. Another ancestor with the name of Le Sage was from France and migrated to Wales between 1565 and 1588.
Chloe had 9 brothers and sisters, one of whom, Dennis, came to the Springfield Township area in 1829. Chloe followed in 1830 with her children. It is assumed that she was a widow since her husband, William, is not mentioned in family records after they arrived in Ohio except to state that he was born on December 13, 1789. In the first census of 1840 for Springfield Township, she is listed as the head of household with six other family members. One of those was a 40-50 year old male who was probably her brother, Dennis, since he cannot be located in that same census. She purchased property from Jacob Barnes in 1831, and sold property to John Janes in 1838.
Chloe died on January 4, 1879 on her farm in Springfield Township. Many of her children and grandchildren remained in the Maumee Valley area. Her son, William, purchased property in 1844 from Samuel and Abigail Wood. He was the oldest of the children (an older brother, Thomas Newton, was born in 1819, but died within a month), born on July 6, 1820 in Connecticut. In 1860 he was living with his mother in Springfield Township on the home farm. He died on March 15, 1895, and is buried in Springfield Township Cemetery.
A second son, Edmund, was born on September 13, 1822, in Connecticut. He married first to Mary Ann Cullen on May 26, 1852, and they had one child, Chloe M. who was born in 1853. His second marriage was to Elizabeth Arabelle McCaughey on June 12, 1866. Her children were Stephen D., Ora, and Sarah M. He was listed as a member of the Springfield Township Militia when it was assembled on June 4, 1844, and was a director of the Lucas County Agricultural Society in 1858-59. Taking an active part in protesting the secession of states prior to the Civil War he attended rallies supporting the formation of the 14th Regiment, Ohio Volunter Infantry in 1861. After the war he continued working with the farming community and became a member of the Swan Creek Mutual Protection Society in 1879 whose purpose was to protect residents in the area from petty thievery. Edmund died September 8, 1899, and is buried with his wife and family in Springfield Cemetery.
Simeon Perry Lees was her fourth son, born on August 3, 1824 in Connecticut. He was a carpenter and farmer living in Springfield Township his entire life. Like his brother, he took part in the rallies and protests prior to the Civil War in 1861. He served as the Treasurer for Springfield Township in the 1870s and 1880s. In 1854, he married Anna Mariah Culamore in Maumee. They had five children: Cora, William, Simeon Perry, Mary, and Jane. He died December 16, 1898 on his farm and is buried in Springfield Cemetery with his family.
Chloe’s last child was Robert T. who was born October 2, 1825 in Connecticut. He was a farmer in the township and married Mary J. Shaw on September 2, 1855. He served as Treasurer for Springfield Township in 1861. It is not known whether they had children.