2005 – Trumbull/Jackson House

This house was probably built around 1878. It is in Hall’s second addition, so was probably built by Franklin Hall for the Trumbull family. Charles and Louisa Trumbull lived there 1889-1890; Calvin Trumbull 1890-1893; William Dorcas 1893-1900; Frank Dorcas 1900-1905; Ursula Champion 1905-1919; John and Alta Albon 1919-1921; Daisy Hartman 1921-1947; George and Bernice Hartman in 1947-1963; David and Nancy Irwin in 1963; Stanley Bowers 1963-1968; and Richard and Diann Jackson from 1968 untul the present. The Trumbull family were early pioneers of Springfield Township having come here before 1840. The other families who have lived there are a litany of early settlers and prominent citizens of the Township.