2003 – John Burchfield Family

From Lola (Vesey) Merrill’s book “A History of Holland, Ohio, 1829-1953” “John and Mary (Cunnicum) Burchfield with their family left Tuscarawas County, Ohio, in September, 1834, and settled on what was called “canal land” owned by the government. The sheep-skin deed was signed by Andrew Jackson. Mr. and Mrs. Burchfield had six sons and eight daughters. Joshua, one of the sons, born March 20, 1829, left the farm at 23 years and accompanied a party driving cattle to California, where he spent five years in prospect gold mining. On return to the homestead, he bought the heir-shares of the farm and cleared it for farming and sheep raising. He married Mary Jane Brindle and to their marriage were brought three daughters, Ada, Arletta, Hattie, and a son, Clarence. Joshua died June 13, 1870, at 70 years. Clarence Burchfield married on March 22, 1899, to Alyda Wood, daughter of James and Amanda Wood. They have a daughter, Laverne, who is affiliated with the American Society of Publilc Administration of Chicago. The son, Donovan, operates the farm. Donovan and Anna Farsworth were united in marriage in June, 1929. A son and daughter, fifth descendants, were born on this homestead. Anna died in April, 1939. Clarence J. died June 13, 1945. Donovan remarried in June, 1948, to Anna St. John. The Burchfield’s in the many years of farming have collected a box filled with the various types of flint and other Indian relics picked up from their land. They also have a sample of the first strap-rails 5/8 inch think and 2 ½ inches wide used as the first railroad track in 1852 through Holland. They also have the level used in the construction of the railroad.” John Burchfield was born on October 28, 1802 in Pennsylvania (possibly Fayette County), the son of Matthias and Barbara (Overholt) Burchfield. When Springfield Township was established in 1836, he was elected one of the first Township Trustees and served as the first chairman of the trustees. He served as a trustee in 1836, 1837 and again in 1841. He also served as a Justice of the Peace beginning in 1836. His untimely death occurred on May 18, 1848, and he was buried on the family farm in Springfield Township. Mary (Cunnicum) Burchfield was born on February 4, 1806 in Somerset County (possibly Milford Township), Pennsylvania. He surname may also have been Cunningham, and her parents would then be Frank and Esther (Humbert) Cunningham. John and Mary were married on September 2, 1824 in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. Their children were: Sarah, Mary, Joshua, Frederick, Jacob, Elizabeth, Barbara, Eli, Mehitable (a twin), Anna (a twin), Charlotte, Aaron, Martha and Lafayette. Two of her sons died during the Civil War – Aaron died on May 16, 1862 in Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri, and Eli died at Andersonville Prison in Sumter Couty, Georgia, on Septembr 27, 1864. Mary may have returned to Tuscarawas County after the death of John, and later lived with her daughter Sarah (Burchfield) Shetler in Stark County, Ohio. Mary died in Stark County, Ohio on July 9, 1879, and is buried in Navarre, Ohio.